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My teachers

We learn from so many people. I created this timeline for my students, so they can see the trajectory and understand the influences on my teaching and playing.  Here's my story:


before college

I grew up Panama. I took lessons with Richard Bower, a missionary who had trained as a bassoonist in LA. I also took lessons from Catherine Stockwell, who was first in boarding school at Interlochen, then a student at Northwestern University. Leyla Zamora was my teacher at the 1987 music camp of the Associacion Nacional de Conciertos. In two US summers, I received lessons from two graduate students at the University of Wisconsin, Madison: Keith Sweger and Jon Beebe. 


Oberlin Conservatory of Music

My first teacher at Oberlin was Kristin Wolfe Jensen, a senior music education major. I auditioned in my first year for William Winstead, who accepted me into the program. George Sakakeeny arrived my second year when I was accepted into the conservatory. I studied with him for 4.5 years. I was at Oberlin for 5.5 years (one semester off in the middle) and completed a double degree.

Spring 1992

London - Semester Abroad


College Summers

William Waterhouse

Cindy Cameron-Fix, Madison WI - summer 1989 (I lived with my brother)

George Sakakeeny, summer 1990 (I lived with a college friend)

Stephen Paulson and Rufus Olivier, San Francisco summer 1991 (I lived with my sister)

William Scribner at Chautauqua Music Festival, summer 1992

Nancy Goeres and Per Hannivold at Aspen, summer 1993


DePaul University and Civic Orchestra

Bruce Grainger - primary

Williard Elliot

Lewis Kirk



post- 1996

Richard Svoboda and frequent coachings with Ron Haratounian

I took lessons from many several professionals as I began my professional life, including Barrick Stees, Dennis Michael, Leyla Zamora, George Sakakeeny, Willard Elliot.​

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