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Adding music as we go.....


1st movement of Nancy Galbraith's Sonata, found on Metamophosis CD, available online where cd's are sold. Program notes for the album.

Prelude and Reflections on Regina Caeli (1998, rev. 1999) by Nansi Carroll

Performed on Resident Artist Series Recital University of the Pacific Conservatory of Music November 2, 2022

Lament (Songs and Drones) by John Steinmetz (2020)

World Premiere performance by Nicolasa Kuster at the 2021 Virtual Meg Quigley Vivaldi Competition and Bassoon Symposium, January 4, 2021

Gallerie Chinoise Post '89 (1995) by Joan Huang

October 2017, University of the Pacific Conservatory of Music Resident Artist Recital - Live Recording

Nicolasa Kuster, bassoon Sabine Klein, piano 

I. The Waving Mao (by Yu Youhan)

II. Series II, No.6 (by Fang Lijun)

III. A Glimpse of Reality and Eternity (by Ding Fang

IV. Red Body Builder (by Zhang Peili)

V. Oedipus Refound Two Thousand Natural Deaths (by Gu Wenda)

VI. Ink Mountains (by Shen Qin)

John Steinmetz, Four Signs (2014)

Margaret Phillips and Nicolasa Kuster coordinated a commission consortium project for Four Signs. Listen here to the performance at New Hampshire Music Festival which we performed prior to our premier at the IDRS conference in New York. 

Elizabeth Gyring Arabesque (1963) run through before 2022 recital

Elizabeth Gyring (1906-1970) moved from Vienna to New York in 1939. Bassoonist Nicolasa Kuster recording this using an iphone in her office at the University of the Pacific Conservatory of Music in Stockton, CA, 9/23/2021

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